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The best way to achieve younger, better looking skin without plastic surgery.

The Pure Medispa specialists have over 25 years of industry experience. Led by highly regarded Sydney surgeon Dr Steve Merten of Pure Aesthetics, the goal of our team is to provide the best treatment and ensure you are comfortable and confident each step of the way.

Dr Noela Ferch

Dr Noela Ferch believes in the power of cosmetic treatment and its ability to boost self-confidence. She is committed to educating and working with her clients to ensure the most suitable treatment is applied. Her artistic eye, honed by 20 years working in the cosmetic industry gives her the expertise to deliver the optimal outcome for her clients.

Laura Tsun

Laura Tsun is a highly qualified and recognised leader in the field of dermal therapies. With over 25 years in the industry, she has an ever-evolving expertise of the most up-to- date and effective treatments available. She applies careful analysis of every individual’s skin to customise techniques to suit their unique needs, delivering enhanced, youthful and natural results.

Alison Vinkovic

Alison Vinkovic has been a nurse for over 6 years in the operating theatre, having completed rotations throughout each speciality area, including anaesthetics and recovery. The goals and end results of her patients are always her driving priority, and she’s happy to answer questions or arrange appointments to ensure her patient’s concerns are addressed.

Dr Helen Maloof

Dr Maloof joins Pure Aesthetics as a very experienced Cosmetic Physician.
She specialises in treatments that restore natural facial contours using
Dermal fillers and Anti wrinkle muscle relaxant injections for lines in the face.
She combines an artistic evaluation with the latest techniques, using a total
face approach to enhance facial rejuvenation. This is offered in a discreetly
professional and friendly environment.

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